from UCLA  Anderson. Mr. Aguilar decided to use his knowledge to work on something he was very passionate about, combat PTSD, giving birth to The TOI Soldier Project.

          In 2012 Heraclio began to create relationships within the veteran communities in the Los Angeles to include: American Legion Post 43, Veterans in Film and Television, Veterans in Foreign Wars, Volunteers of America and many others. These communities have helped Mr. Aguilar obtain the resources and knowledge he needs in order to begin his own business. After many years of developing his business idea he officially submitted his fictitious business name to Los Angeles before hiring individuals to help his vision come to life. As of September 2015 Team T.S.P. has finished their company's prototypes and for the rest of the year Mr. Aguilar's focus is to stimulate interest in our products. The TOI Soldier Project helped Heraclio K. Aguilar III through some very difficult times in his life and now it is time for him to begin to pay it forward.

PFC. Aguilar on his first field mission in South Korea -Back to camera- (2001)

Aguilar (2015)

The Founder and CEO

Heraclio K. Aguilar III

Pv2. Aguilar with Drill Sergeant Mitchell (2000)

Pvt. Goodwin and Spc. Aguilar (2002)

          First Heraclio enrolled himself into college and then he found an apartment in the bad part of Visalia, CA which seemed to be a great start in his transition although something was missing, work. He found jobs for warehouses to retail but he eventually enlisted in his local National Guard where he acted as the Brigade's communications specialist and became the driver of a Bradley Tank that was later named 'Top Gun'. Graduating from College of the Sequoias with an AA in Business Administration. On December 2006 Aguilar was recalled back into active duty during his unit's field training. Preparing to return to the military the VA hospital diagnosed him with PTSD cancelling his orders and beginning his uphill struggle with his illness.

          Initially rejecting the doctors diagnosis Heraclio tried to move forward but with a weakening economy and untreated mental illness landed him on the streets multiple time but he decided to turn his life around in the Fall of 2011. Heraclio moved himself to Los Angeles for a  fresh start moving into a veteran homeless facility in order to receive the help that he needed. He enrolled into Westwood College where he received his BS in Graphic Design in June 2014 then went on to receive a certificate in Entrepreneurship

Founder and CEO Heraclio K Aguilar III (2015)

          When Heraclio arrived he was only 20 and the transition was not easy, but with the threat of war on the horizon he made it work. His hard work, team loyalty and fighting spirit earned him the right to take charge of Delta Team 40's 'TacSat' Section Sergeant. Over a 10 month period Spc. Aguilar and his signal soldiers in his squad worked with Delta company in order to be the best signal unit in Team 40. Assuming responsibility of millions of dollars worth of the governments equipment Heraclio began to earn the respect of his company and a seat on the exclusive first wave deployed to Kuwait. With the best of the best in Team 40 Spc. Aguilar flew halfway across the country with stops in Spain and Italy before touching down in Kuwait.

          Arriving early in December 2002 Delta moved into a U.S. base still under construction and began establishing a communications network. For three months Aguilar and his team helped ready America's Armed Forces even spending his 21st birthday into the field but on March 2oth 2003 war finally began. Heraclio and the rest of Team 40 were divided to form small groups and attached to any unit in our military that needed signal capabilities. Becoming an important part of missions into Iraq extended Team 40's orders from 6 months to 2 years in some cases, Aguilar was one of them. Having being present at Fallujah and the Invasion into Baghdad he has watched war rise and fall until Heraclio received word he would be returning back to the states. With only a few months left in his enlistment Mr. Aguilar made plans to move into the next stage of his life back in Tulare County.

          Born into the second 'American' generation for both sides of his family rooted in Porterville, CA he was raised by simple means. His family taught him how to be respectful and work for everything he has but it was his towns history that inspired him to live boldly. During the Vietnam War a lot of young men from Porterville deployed into the combat zone and because of that they suffered the most casualties per population. In a small town where everyone knows each other it became no surprise when Mr. Aguilar and many of his friends from the Class of 2000 joined the military, he joined the Army to become a communication specialist. The day Heraclio and his friends shipped off for training he was separated from the group in order to train with an enlisted group of potential 'Signal Soldiers'.

          After completing a 4-month long training period Pv2. Aguilar received his first set of orders to report to South Korea on his 19th birthday. Exploring a country with no drinking age encouraged this young soldier to take advantage of this situation, that is until September 11th 2001 occurred. During this time Mr. Aguilar was trained in a wide range of signal equipment and rose to the rank of Specialist quickly. After his year long commitment in South Korea Spc. Aguilar received orders that sent him back stateside, to the heart of the Signal Corps in Arizona.