Comic Books Future

          Today our graphic novel tales are focused on the veteran community because the leader of Team T.S.P. understands the community better although he has plans to evolve the platform. There are those that have experienced extreme situations leaving them with PTSD, The TOI Soldier Project hopes to bring a solution to them as well. Until that day of evolution is upon the company we hope that our current graphic novel series will inspire.

Outreach Department

          It is a continuous effort to spread awareness and work with the veteran community and that is why Team T.S.P. created our Outreach Department. Providing people with support and knowledge to help form a solution on the current state of the veteran community and more.

Long-Term Commitment


         The company's CEO is in it for the long haul and The TOI Soldier Project's Graphic Novel Department is just the beginning. In two years the company hopes to refine the graphic novel production process in order to find multiple uses for the platform. In three years The TOI Soldier plans to breath new life into our avatars as we launch the company's Animation Department first highlighting the fans favorite tales. In five years The TOI Soldier Project would like to launch their next department in Video Games, this interactive platform will allow everyone to participate in missions they only read about and much more. As our company reaches the popularity needed in order to move forward with these launches The TOI Soldier Project will continue to work with the veteran community through our Outreach Department to develop the best content available for our real American heroes.

Video Game Department

          From rehabilitation to narrative therapy there are many different uses in practice for video game platforms and The TOI Soldier Project believes we could develop a competitive product. Equipped with an arsenal of relatable characters to host as the main character there is an endless variety of they types of games that Team T.S.P. can develop. As technology evolves so will our Video Game Department's business plan.

Animation Department

          The alien avatars in The TOI Soldier Project will make you laugh, they will make you cry and they will put your life into perspective. Their stories of heroism don't just end on the battlefield everyday T.S.P. clients fight the same struggles as everyone else they were just trained to handle things differently. These tales are timeless and will be preserved in our Graphic Novel Department, our Animations will continue to inspire a new generation of fans.