Information on PTSD

-  The VA had developed the National Center for PTSD with a lot of valuable information

- RAND has quite a few articles written about soldiers with PTSD written by many different professionals on Military Health.

- The Army has shed some light on new PTSD treatment that has been in development.

- The Congressional Research Service has created a 74 page pdf on the illness.

- The PTSD Foundation has created an interesting fact sheet about diagnosed soldiers.

- has made a list of different Treatment Options that are available to our soldiers currently.

- There are some proven methods using Art for Healing as this pdf will show you.

- The National Geographic Channel has a show called brain games where they show a soldier 'defusing' from a past combat situation with the aid of a video game.

- The Addition Recovery guide shows that a creative outlet can help with addiction, taking bad habits and replacing them with something constructive.

- The New Republics article on the History of PTSD.

Links, Support & More..

          This page was created to give the viewer more information on PTSD, the Veteran Community, our CEO and much more. Below will be several different groups, and in each group will be a list of links that you can take a look at. If you are leaving this page I hope that you enjoyed your visit here at The TOI Soldier Project and we hope that you will tell a friend about our message and continue to see the new things we have to offer yourself. Thanks you and please have a great day!!!

Information on CEO

- On August 15, 2014 The TOI Soldier Project's CEO was a guest of the Mother Love Show at to discuss the company.

- During WonderCon in Anaheim Easter Weekend 2015 the CEO was interviewed by Alex Kwok of The Examiner about The TOI Soldier Project.

- Mr. Aguilar has created a YouTube page called DrDirteeBirdee

- Find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, Google +, Pinterest, Veterans in Film and Television and more ....

- Back in 2005 our CEO wrote a novel called Tree of Immortality: Myth to Memories

- Judd Apatow has recently held a contest in which our CEO participated sponsored by Easter Seals.