How we do it!!

          Much like therapy the TOI Soldier Project is an individualized process that will be designed after getting to know the veteran client, but is it very important to understand this process begins way before partnering with our company. All new participants must be referred by a mental wellness professional or an organization that provides their clients with mental wellness training for safety reasons. When clients that come to T.S.P. facilities will already be aware of their stuck points, triggers and are comfortable sharing their story in a room full of veteran or veteran friendly employees. This group of individuals will work closely with the client during the development of their product to ensure that the final product will reflect the client's stories flawlessly, with one little twist.

         Privacy of our clients is the company's main priority and we show the client that immediately through the creation of their avatars, their alien alter egos. The TOI Soldier Project takes place in a different universe than Earth, a place that only one Earthling has been allowed to enter and that is Kiefer. Kiefer acts as our 'middle man' allowing everyone to experience this new world together and is not based on a single individual, in fact, he was designed with a few individuals in mind. His role is to sit back, relax as he experiences the overwhelming amount of family members in the Agoo family so as most humans do he does things to keep himself .... entertained.

          Each member in the Agoo family line is based on and individual veteran to including most of the supporting avatars. From the universe originally created and illustrated in the series The Tale Before Time and allows our veterans to take it even further.  Mr. Aguilar is the first individual that has shared his military tales followed by his battle buddies, now Heraclio has begun the process of illustrating them all to open up the universe to all combat veterans.

How can YOU do it??

          The answer is simpler than you would think, the first step is to become a FAN!!! The TOI Soldier Project knows that not everyone is an artist and that  only 7% of Americans are Veterans too but we know that you know at least one or two in your life. Our company wants to help start a positive conversation between combat veterans and their civilian counter parts and just how do we plan on doing that, through our comic book series of course. Pick up a digital issue TODAY if not for you then for your veteran friend you want to get to know better. Early in 2016 The TOI Soldier Project hopes to have issues of our comic book AND coloring book series everywhere and we could use your help with a donation  as we close out 2015.

          In the future as the company matures there will be more interactive roles that everyone can be part of other than using our coloring books. The TOI Soldier Project has plans to; work with other veteran organizations, participate in events supporting awareness of the veteran culture, interact with comic book fans at conventions and much more that the company will need help with (it might even get you into exclusive events). That is in the future and we can use your help today with a purchase of our digital comic book, making a donation so that a veteran will receive one and tell your friends about The TOI Soldier Project. Stick around and explore the site, there is plenty to see. Enjoy!!!

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