The Tale Before Time (Online Edition)

Free Online Graphic Novels

          In an effort to reach the widest audience The TOI Soldier Project has created a library that will host all of our comic book titles but with one big difference, they are in black and white. Follow the adventures of Kiefer as he learns of the members of the Agoo family starting in the first series, The Tale Before Time .... Enjoy!!

          Kiefer, recently discharged from the military, has experienced his first breakdown only to wake up in the strangest place. With nobody around he is forced to put his trust in a voice that wants to show Kiefer his family roots, starting before the big bang. Whim, Ancelmo and Kinta are the first members in the Agoo house and the creators of all life on Trifecta. Join Kiefer as he explored this mew world as the royal family create an empire only to destroy it.