Warriors Workshop

          Armed with comic book ashcans, coloring book prototypes and short art therapy courses Team T.S.P. interacts with Los Angeles area veterans promoting mental wellness. The courses teaches clients; how to make a script outline, emotions in color palettes and practicing the knowledge with the use of The TOI Soldier Project's products. Most of our partners are in the Los Angeles although with your help we hope to extend our reach to all of California in 2016, United States in 2017.

Veteran Outreach

          Our CEO, Heraclio Aguilar, has a deep passion for the veteran community because he is one of them. From World War II to OIF/OEF combat missions our average combat veteran has a lot of knowledge to give and The TOI Soldier Project wants to provide them the platform to share. Our veteran outreach allows Team T.S.P. to show the local communities that there is many ways to  support your local veterans.

Community Awareness

        Veterans only account for 7% of Americans but what about the 93% of civilians, how does The TOI Soldier Project plan on reaching them? All over United States there are over 200 conventions for the comic book community happening all year long. Thanks to the many different ways the company's products can be used will allow us to extend our reach to; coloring book enthusiast, mental wellness professionals and those with an interest in history just to name a few. Bottom line is there are more opportunities opening up to spread awareness in America and as long as our mission is accepted we will attempt to be at as many as possible.

Community Outreach

          It has been a great honor for The TOI Soldier Project to be included in so many events in the veteran community of Los Angeles and a few other cities in California. The idea began with Heraclio Aguilar who is a veteran and it was refined while he lived in a veteran homeless shelter it is only fitting he offered the company's service to the combat veteran community. Our community outreach efforts was created to fulfill two missions; to raise awareness on mental wellness and to give  veterans a safe place that they can talk to people. Team T.S.P. lead by our CEO is ready to bring our services to their doorstep and we hope the rest of America lend a helping hand.