About Us

Louis Pieper

Lead Artist

​Having worked for Marvel and DC comics in the past Lou brings life to Team T.S.P.'s Illustrations.

Other than Graphic Novels The TOI Soldier Project has the ambitions to utilize other platforms. It will take time to develop but our company is dedicated to our mission statement and will evolve to the next level.
 The TOI Soldier Project's universe is designed to give combat veterans a safe environment to heal their PTSD symptoms. Our company designs an avatar to give our clients the opportunity to share their real war stories anonymously initially through a comic book series. The introduction of our coloring book series will allow customers and potential clients to become more interactive with our product giving them the freedom to tell their own tales.
Heraclio K Aguilar III

Founder and CEO

An Army combat veteran that has earned degrees in Business, Graphic Design and Entreprenuership gives him the knowledge to lead Team T.S.P.
Interacting with the veteran and other communities is vital to The TOI Soldier Projects success. By listening to what the fans and clients have to say will allow our company to alter our product to maximize the benefits the veteran community can receive.

Graphic Novels

Every Soldier has a Story to tell, let us help develop your tale.

Community Outreach

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Long -Term Commitment

A dream team to Create and Illustrate

It takes a team of dedicated workers to make sure our series produced with the detail and care the Veteran Community deserve. The TOI Soldier Project is proud to have these individuals on the team of diverse and knowledgeable characters.
In the first series, The Tale Before Time, the universe of The TOI Soldier Project is born and every other following series follows the adventures of a single family member, which one will you relate to?