Every combat veteran that is willing to partner up with T.S.P. will experience a therapeutic process as they create a world that others can enjoy. The TOI Soldier Project comic books are here to help create that world for them. Stick around ad check out or comic book online free or visit our store for the color version.

See how Heraclio is able to share his war stories through his avatar.

The TOI Soldier Project Comic Books

As the Nonprofit matures our capabilities will grow giving our veterans the best care that we can provide as a nation. Reaching a new generation through animation and rehabilitation with the use of video games are just a few of ventures T.S.P. would like to explore. Many developments have occurred to allow The TOI Soldier Project to do these things and more, who knows what the future will bring.

Graphic Novel Department

Real War Stories told through the T.S.P. Universe.

Our Nonprofit, The T.O.I. Soldier Project, is an alternate universe designed to give combat veterans a safe environment to combat their PTSD symptoms. After TSP has created an 'alien avatar' for our veteran clients they are given the opportunity to share their real war stories anonymously through a uniquely designed graphic novel.
Long-Term Commitment

Based in Los Angeles, California Team T.S.P. has become a known fixture in the Veteran Organizations and are rising in popularity in Comic Book Communities. We have partnered with veteran organizations to offer coloring books for adult to their members. Support our veterans by supporting our cause.
Community Outreach